URL Encode only Unicode Characters

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When dealing with Unicode Characters in URL strings, we need to encode Unicode characters to percentages for them to be readable by URL. We do so using the following code:

// https://hashaam.com/2017/11/13/url-encode-only-unicode-characters/
let originalURLString = "https://www.exampleserver.com/articles/latest/لن-تصدق-ما-يمكن-أن-تجده-في-مطبخك-فاحذر-غسل-هذه-الأداة.html"
let allowedCharacterSet = CharacterSet.urlFragmentAllowed
let urlString = originalURLString.addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters: allowedCharacterSet)!
let url = URL(string: urlString)!

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