Adjust Baseline of Text Using NSAttributedString

Fix Urdu font issues in iOS

When using urdu font, we have some cases where the text is much higher and is being cut off. We can adjust the baseline of the text and bring it down using the following code.

Adjust Scroll View Content Inset Based on Keyboard Frame

Reveal text fields in form when keyboard is shown/hidden

In cases where we have form containing UITextFields embedded in UIScrollView, when keyboard is shown and hidden, we want UIScrollView to be adjusted accordlingly.

We start in the viewWillAppear method by adding the following code:

Then we define the method to handle keyboard notifications:

This single method handles both cases, with keyboard shown or hidden states.

Notice the top: 64.0 is because of status bar height 20.0 and navigation bar height 44.0. If you do not have UIViewController in embedded in UINavigationController or the navigation bar is hidden, you can set the top value to 20.0